The Casting Down of Demonic Angels

by Miss Angie

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PaulNave thumbnail
PaulNave So happy to find Miss Angie is making music again! I have never bought from before but am more than happy to for this album. Favorite track: Godsong.
Eric Unright
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Eric Unright Ive been following this young lady for a few years. She has a heart for God. She has been very open about her struggles. God bless her.
Sam McNear
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Sam McNear I'm glad I found this, I hope you continue make great music. can't decide what song I like best. Maybe stay afloat. Favorite track: Stay Afloat.
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released April 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Miss Angie Springfield, Missouri

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Track Name: Spiritual Temperature
Spiritual Temperature

All the sparkle that you know, its all jaded, its no more

All the hope you were livin for, its no more, no its no more, Hallelujah

I cant run and I cant hide, I cant escape You inside

You never drag me into love, You just welcome me with Your Son, Hallelujah

Before the world stars, my name was in Your heart

Cant taste the drugs that you hoped for, its no more no its no more

That numbing friend is at your door, and its not holy, its no more, Hallelujah
Track Name: Stay Afloat
Stay Afloat

Another night I lie awake untill the morning light cause I cant find the reason why everything just breaks down

I hear you say, hold on another day, Your words are my saving grace

When Im lost at sea I can ride the waves and stay afloat

When Im in the dark Your the light that shines and guides me home

Your never gonna leave me, never gonna let me go

When Im lost at sea I can ride the waves and stay afloat

You are my rest in this shipwreck and I dont know what happens next but I find peace in You, yeah

I hear You say hold on another day, Your words are my saving grace

Im riding on top of the waves, I know that I can be saved, Im riding on top of the waves, come save me
Track Name: Restore

Im embarrassed to stick my head out and to say that I am Yours

Cause depravity has gotten me lookin sore

Whats all the fuss, they say that I must find another source

But theres a light ahead,a light ahead , I am sure

Cause I know that You can


Chase em down rip out the guts, sunlight comes ,prepare to meet His friendship

Its not to hard for you my blind heart in the dark

If you cant battle on then raise your voice to start

Chase em down rip out the guts, sunlight come, prepare to meet His friendship

Your love is, Your love is all around

And I, I can see, see for miles around me
Track Name: Trip To Heaven
Trip to Heaven

Wouldn't you like to go to Heaven, wouldn't like to leave right now

Wouldn't like to live forever, wouldn't you like to see Him now

Wouldn't like to see His glory, wouldn't like to see His face

Wouldn't like to meet King Jesus, wouldn't like to leave this place

Wouldn't like to fly up through the skies and see stars above

Wouldn't like to know that we will never,never,never grow old

Wouldn't like to see the angels and to hear them sing their song

Wouldn't like to join in praise-in, come my friend lets go along

Wouldn't like to see the Father and to gather round His throne

Wouldn't like to join in praising in our new eternal home
Track Name: Godsong

Theres only one of Him for me, theres only one me for Him, this will last forever

Time stretches on but His arm of love is for me forever

This truth wont end, sure as His word, which goes on forever

My God will fight for me, He will stand up and sing with a voice that will bring me home

Sinners cant shame His name, cause He has erased the blame, this will be forever

All enemies will see His name praised high forever

Come join His song, its free to all untill night falls

All you gotta do is believe, believe with your heart and see, He means forever